Malene born 1972,  graduated as a trained goldsmith from Georg Jensen in 1995. After finishing her apprenticeship, she moved to New York, where she lived and worked until her return in 1998 opening her own boutique and workshop at Sankt Hans Torv, Copenhagen . On 6 June 2024 Malene is celebrating her 26th anniversary.

Trainee at Aquascutum, London.

Served her apprenticeship as a goldsmith at Georg Jensen.

Working as a goldsmith at Alex Streater, New York.

26 year anniversary of her boutique and workshop in Copenhagen.

Since she was six years old, Malene Helweg-Larsen knew she wanted to be a goldsmith. Malene finished as a trained goldsmith from Georg Jensen in 1995, before spending a year working with Alex Streeter in Soho, NYC.

Upon her return to Copenhagen, she opened up her store in Guldbergsgade on june 6th, 1998.

Virtually all of Malene Helweg-Larsen’s designs over the past twenty-five-year career as a goldsmith is still in production – which very much reflects the way she works: New designs are only made when Malene Helweg-Larsen is inspired. Designs are never forced, but instead often undergoes years of scrutiny and development before it’s finalized.
Some of Malene Helweg-Larsen original designs are still, among her most popular to this day, which speak to her work being graceful and timeless.

All the Malene Helweg-Larsen designs are inspired by personal stories, and they take physical form in the workshop, which is an extension of the small shop by Sankt Hans Torv in Nørrebro.

For 25 years and long before the neighborhood became one of the coolest in Europe, her exclusive diamond-encrusted gold and silver jewellery, together with the Michelin-starred restaurants in the neighborhood, has stood in stark contrast to the raw music venues, edgy shops and streets brimming with life and history.

Although all the jewellery from Malene Helweg-Larsen’s hand carries an individual story and has its own expression, there is a unity in the diversity, which means that they can be easily worn together and thereby give a beautiful and unique overall impression.

“Jewellery can be very dominant when worn alone. But when many are put together, it can create a different, unpretentious expression – like delicious, relaxed abundance”, says Malene Helweg-Larsen.