Custom Orders

All my designs are handcrafted,
using old trade techniques in my shop at Guldbergsgade Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
I therefore have an opportunity to “taylor” every single one of my designs to your personal need and taste.

I made a choice not to have a webshop, since I like the contact with my customers. But I do ship world wide. So please don’t hesitate to contact me for inquiries.

Guldsmed Malene Helveg-Larsen
Guldbergsgade 7b,
2200 København N


+45 35 37 77 99

Because of this, it also enables us to repurpose and use your own stones, should you wish to breathe new life into some old heritage jewellery pieces.

Further, you are welcome to use old gold pieces as payment towards new or custom pieces. This creates a very sustainable process and helps keep the historical and emotional conection to your old piece intact.

Personaly I have a passion for tourmalines, emeralds and other precious stones, which is why you will often find that my various designs often have been finished by different selections of stones, making every piece unique and one of a kind.