Fit For A Queen

Københavns Guldsmedelaug, Smykkernes by, København

For the exhibit Fit For a Queen, I created a jewelry piece for Queen Cleopatra.

The Lotus necklace is made from 303 pearls and precious stones, combining to create three Lotus flowers.

The piece is shaped in Sterling Silver, using 19 different kinds of cultural pearls and precious stones, in various size combinations. I had been dreaming of making this piece of jewellery since a vacation in Egypt back in 2001, where I got obsessed with the wonders of all the treasures I experienced. The Lotus flower was omni present in the architecture, and the rich wall and grave decorations in the graves of Valley of the Kings.

I later learned that the Lotus Flower is Egypts holy flower and is a symbol of the circle of life. Many of the above ground colours and decorations has since been lost to wear from the sun, however once you get under ground in many of the remaining graves, the colours are still rich and vivid. These rich colours inspired my choice in pearls and precious stones for the Lotus Necklace.