Karen Blixen Silver Tales

Rungstedlund, Rungsted

The exhibition Silver Tales was an ode to the famous Danish author Karen Blixen and took place at her home, Rungstedlund.

In the company of a collection of Denmark’s very best goldsmiths, Malene was chosen to design and create an interpretation of a silver and white coral necklace Karen Blixen wore as a child.

Lily Wreath is the name of my necklace, which is inspired by Karen Blixen and her love for flowers, especially the lily. I’ve placed silver lily flowers in the center among the white corals, which is very much in the style of children’s jewelry during that time.

The Lily, which symbolizes beauty, innocence, and virginity, has been set with flowing leaves, making them playful, as the three-leafed silver flowers can both be displayed opened and closed.

I named the necklace Lily Wreath, as I imagine it could have been the name of one of Karen Blixen’s characters.

Malene Helweg-Larsen, 2023