Laugenes Opvisning: “Med fortiden skaber vi fremtiden”

Moltkes Palæ, København

Over the course of the many years I have participated in the Laugenes Exhibit, I have forged a strong relationship with Birgitte Taulov, another exhibit participant.

The Laugenes Exhibit is an incredible opportunity to collaborate across crafts , and I am especially found of my partnership with Birgitte, expressed by my models always being dressed in Birgittes collection, and her models “decorated” with my jewellery.

A strong dogma of mine and a common thread in all my designs is that my jewellery has to be wearable in everyday life, whether they are designed for an exhibit or just part pf my permanent collection. It’s love seeing  my pieces on the catwalk and observing the reaction they get from the crowd.

For he 2021 Exhibit, I showcased my Tosca column locket, which is a further intepretation of my Tosca collection. The Locket was a special order, which included parls from the customers own collection. Along with the Locket, I also showcased my Lotus Necklace, the Jellyfish Necklace, Cocktail Ring and Earrings, all crafted in White Gold with White Diamonds.