Makabre Mesterværker

Sønderborg Slot

Golden Ticket


“Macabre Masterpieces” at Sønderborg Castle was an exhibition that I am very proud to have been asked to participate in.

For the exhibit, I was assigned a highly unusual assignment, that very much challenged my comfort zone, both professionally and craft-wise; designing and creating a Toe Note.


My first inclination was to create a board where you could insert people’s names, dates of death, and social security numbers, which through the process, inspired me to design a Hymn Board.

I was also fascinated by the idea of making the design reusable so that personal data would be interchangeable from person to person.

Trying to inject a bit of humor to an otherwise morbid subject, I chose to call my work The Golden Ticket, not to make fun of, but instead to put a positive spin on and celebrate a life well lived.

Malene Helweg-Larsen, 2022