Smykker & Sex – Tradition & Tabu

Copenhagen Jewellery Fair

This exhibition took place at Copenhagen Jewellery Fair 2011. A selection of Danish jewelers were invited to participate with their version of a Choker.

“There is a certain grace and beauty to Malene’s artistic language. A special poetic feeling for luxury is evoked through her slender, delicate expression, which is a theme in most of her work. In her piece, “Spring Branch” – The gold has been allowed to be expressive, like a tribute to spring.” Quote Nina Hald, jewellery author, curator and the woman behind this exhibition.

The piece called “Spring Branch” is made in 14 kt gold.

A Choker necklace is designed to rest on the collarbone – but is at times also worn in dog collar length. The Choker style was prevalent in France in the mid-18th century and in England in the late 18th century to early 19th century. The Choker design more or less vanished around the time of the 1st World War, as did the Belle Epoque area.